From Heidi Hoppe

Dear Ladies,

“Home is Where Your Heart Is”

“Home”..... Is a place where you feel loved, safe and comfortable. “Home” may be where you grew up as a child. “Home” may be the state that you are from. “Home” may be to you wherever your family is. “Home” is whatever place you long to be. In this life, not everyone can say that they have a “home” or a place that they long to be. But that is not true for believers in Jesus. As believers we all have our home in heaven to look forward to and long for. Our real home will be with Jesus where we will be in His presence for eternity.

We invite you to come to our retreat this year as we look forward to having a little bit of “home” on earth. We look forward to a great weekend of worship and fellowship with each other. We are praying for God to speak to us through His Word through Philippians 3 about the condition of our hearts as we long for our heavenly home.

We are not going to have any workshops this year, but have left more time in the schedule to just rest and “retreat”. We will have games, puzzles, coloring sheets, etc. There will be plenty of coffee and great food! We will have a big “snack” table available all weekend. Please feel free to take any snacks along that you might want to share!

We are praying for you and we hope that God opens up the time in your busy schedule to join us! We look forward to seeing you!

In His love and grace,
Heidi Hoppe