From Pastor John Hoppe

Dear Brothers in Christ,

On October 27-28, 2017 we will be hosting the 11th annual “CALVARY CHAPEL DEEP SOUTH MEN’S CONFERENCE” and you are invited! This year we will be looking at a topic that is of extreme importance for us as men of God. The topic is REVIVAL! I believe if America is truly going to be great again it’s not going to happen through our government but we can be great again if we get back to our Christian roots as a nation. With our present state as a nation this can only happen through one more great revival that needs to sweep through our entire country.

The conference theme for this year will be “God’s Ingredients for Revival!“ Four great Bible teachers will teach us from the scriptures on an individual ingredient that is important for revival to happen in our lives. Pastor David Guzik from CC Santa Barbara will teach us on the importance of God’s Word and revival. Pastor Malcolm Wild from CC Merritt Island will teach us on the importance of worship and revival. Pastor Frank Ramseur from CC Chattanooga will teach us on the importance of prayer and revival. Pastor Sandy Adams from CC Stone Mountain will teach us on the importance of repentance and revival.

As usual, we will have some great times of worship throughout the conference. Terry Clark and Dennis Agajanian will be with us to bless us with some great music and worship. Both of these guys go way back to the beginning days of Calvary Chapel and have a strong anointing on their music and worship. They were also good friends with our founding Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Pastor Chuck Smith. Our Calvary Chapel of Lexington worship team will also be leading us in worship through the conference. One of my favorite parts of our men’s conference every year is the powerful move of God’s Holy Spirit in our midst as we surrender to Him through worship and we give Him all the glory that He deserves. As Pastor Malcolm is going to teach us, these times of worship are an important part of revival in our lives as men.

If you are a camper, please feel free to bring your RV, pop-up, or tent and camp out on the church property. We have 10 acres and electrical hook-ups will be available. The conference will start on Friday afternoon with registration at 4 pm and a free cookout during the registration. Our first session will be at 7 pm on Friday night and our last session will be over by 3:30 pm Saturday afternoon. We will also provide a continental breakfast and as usual, an awesome barbecue lunch on Saturday.

My prayer for this year’s conference is that as we come together in Jesus’ name that God will bring revival to our lives as men and that we will be able to bring that revival home to our marriages, our kids, our cities, and our churches! Don’t miss this year’s CALVARY CHAPEL DEEP SOUTH MEN’S CONFERENCE! It’s going to be a great one! Hope to see you on October 27-28!

Grace and Peace,
John Hoppe III, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Lexington